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It was more than just toasting PZ Cussons at their 125th Birthday. Ear to the Ground was engaged to create, manage and deliver the birthday celebrations for PZ Cussons, the UK FTSE 250 Company.

The aptly named PZ Cussons ‘Soap Box’ experience was created by Ear the Ground to showcase the organization and households brands such as Imperial Leather, Carex, Original Source, Charles Worthington and The Sanctuary.

Over 10 days, visitors to the experience were introduced to a multitude of sensory experiences in our very own 400 metre structure.

The experience fused the thrills of a big top interactive experience with the organisations very own ‘Innovation Centre’ and educated and entertained thousands of shoppers, day trippers and friends of the organisation.

The innovative schedule of experiences saw over 200,000 people touch the live communication campaign through a different daily program of sensory entertainment.

The campaign brought to life the Company heritage, enormous investment in the community over 125 years and gave something back to everyone who took the tour, enjoyed the PZ Cussons bar or decided to challenge their purchasing habits.

The work on the campaign has resulted in the ‘Soap Box’ experience being ear marked a forthcoming tour to PZ Cussons biggest market in Nigeria.