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This week you could read our MD Steve Smith talking about ‘Live Advertising’ commissioned by Marketing Week in their ‘Experiential Essays’ series.

He talks about the overwhelming power of live experience and how it’s all about being there. For the past decade Ear to the Ground have been creating events to connect those intense exciting moments with dynamic brands.  It wasn’t until about three years ago that he realised we weren’t just creating experiential events’ we were making ‘live ads’.

In the essay he talks about intensifying the experience for every target consumer in festival fields, city centres and football stadiums using sense marketing. The main thread of his argument is how ‘live’ has changed because consumers can use their own personal digital broadcast or ‘Channel Me’ to personalise and spread the marketing message. The aim is to provide real time, neatly packaged chunks of brand content that they can show in between information or ‘programming’, about their lives.

Want to know more?  Then read managing director Steve Smith’s interview with Marketing Magazine here:  http://www.marketingmagazine.co.uk/news/1098904/Live-advertising-Channel/