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Umbro Tailored is a new music initiative we came up with for Umbro that aligns the brand with some of the UK’s most cutting edge artists. Ear to the Ground selects talent and secures a rights package around all music and interviews with the artists benefitting from a promotional push that delivers them to an audience via Umbro global licensees.

The project has worked so well we have taken a step further in 2011 with the addition of a live music show format. We turn the Umbro space in Manchester into a live studio with a specially invited industry and influencer audience. Each month a new band is filmed performing a track that we broadcast across the internet. Our first featured artist was east London rapper Mikill Pane who is already finding mainstream fame through his collaborations with singer songwriter Ed Sheeran.

As well as bringing new music to the heart of the Umbro brand the project has already yielded some unexpected benefits in terms of band model shoots and international licensing deals for featured artists.