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Last Friday was a full moon. As darkness descended Ear to the Ground projected a giant image of Liam Gallagher in the new home Manchester City shirt onto the side of the stadium. Whilst an incredible coup this was only a preamble to a much bigger campaign that had been creatively developed and delivered by Ear to the Ground.

The far bigger result was that Liam and his band Beady Eye had been into the studio and recorded a version of club anthem ‘Blue Moon’ alongside their new single; ‘The Beat goes On’. Ear to the Ground has been working with the band and management to create a piece of original music and creatively direct a live performance video where Liam wears the shirt for the first time. The whole concept tied up beautifully as the shirt uniquely has a sound wave of the song Blue Moon sang by the fans in a graphic across its chest.

Over the next few weeks the promotional engines of Beady Eye, Manchester City and Umbro are fully geared up to get this unique content to fans globally. Key publications and broadcasters will be featuring the track and video pushing the concept further than a club or even a traditional football audience.

Steve Smith MD of Ear to the Ground:

‘Umbro had a shirt to launch, Beady Eye had a single to push and Liam had a love of City. Our job was to create a story that pulled all these things together. The graphic on the shirt was the starting point and everything led from there.’     

The creation of an original track by one of the world’s most iconic rock & roll stars represents a new level of partnership for a football club and football culture brands. It builds logically on the work that we produced around the launch of the England away shirt featuring Kasabian in Paris, which led to unprecedented levels of coverage. This campaign is expected to be the most talked about shirt launch in the history of the Premiership. To see the video click here…