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Football is a ‘live’ business. It’s all about the big event, the intense moment, the drama and passion of a shared experience.  For the last three years, Ear to the Ground has been helping football clubs and their commercial partners to pioneer the use of live experiences beyond ninety minutes. The results include driving loyalty, increasing match attendance, media coverage, the celebration of success, revenue opportunities and cementing of lucrative relationships with their commercial partners.

In this month’s FC Business magazine, Ear to the Ground managing director, Steve Smith talks about how as the world in turning on a new digital axis, football clubs and their commercial partners have the opportunity to create better fan engagement.  His rationale being that the match going fan is not only at the core of a much wider international fan base but also offers up a greater ‘spend per head’ making them disproportionately important to both the club and its commercial partners.  In the piece Steve argues that if clubs can create reasons for fans to attend games more often, arrive earlier, stay later and have better live experiences, then there are big revenue implications for all involved.

Want to know more?  Then read managing director Steve Smith’s interview with FC Business Magazine here: http://www.fcbusiness.co.uk/eversion/issue57/fcb57/index.html