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Every night for 66 nights Ear to the Ground are producing a high octane show as part of Samsung’s sponsorship of the Olympic Torch Relay. Samsung wanted to work with the agency because we understand fans. They also loved our concept of a huge shared moment featuring one million consumers LIVE.  The show includes video, audio and some of the UK’s leading street dancers to generate energy.

The finale of each show is a ‘wow moment’ that takes the presenter high above the crowd using a hydraulic lift intensified by pyrotechnics. Consumers are urged to cheer for the Olympics as a giant high resolution image is captured using state of the art technology. Within 90 minutes consumers can go online and tag themselves to mark this once in a lifetime experience.  Previous crowd tagging technology involved taking loads of shots over a period of time and stitching them together. We wanted to capture an actual shared moment in real time so consumers could pin-point the moment ‘they were there’. This meant developing innovative scanning technology that can capture an audience of up to 50,000 people in four seconds?  

So far approximately 200,000 have enjoyed the Samsung show. 15,000 consumers have already tagged themselves via Facebook in the ‘Samsung Big Cheer’ and this is rising exponentially as local networks are communicating virally how easy it is take part. 40 dates to go and a whole lot of tagging to be done?