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We’ve been working all summer with Gaymers Cider designing and delivering a piece of surreal brand driven escapism for hot summer festivals. We designed and delivered a concept dreamt up by lead agency FRUKT  called ‘Lost in the Orchard’ and we brought it to life with a giant mechanical cider press, magical trees and a rustic wooden stage showcasing all types of musical oddities. A Gaymers bar featured at each event and dispensed chilled cider to the super relaxed guests.
To top it all off we threw a stage into the mix and pleasured the audience’s ears with an eclectic mix of unusual and unique DJ’s, live music, Rockeoke and even a Cider Choir! The activity were a huge step up for the brand and paid immediate dividends with a 25% uplift in onsite sales at Glastonbury the Big Chill and latitude with over 75,000 people visiting the Orchard in the first three events. In terms of media we used our music contacts to get an Arctic Monkey down there (Alex turned up with his girlfriend Alexa Chung) helping generate a flurry of tabloid coverage.
We are half way through the tour with three more festivals to hit. If you see us at any of the remaining festivals pop over and say hello. We might even buy you a pint of Gaymers if you’re really nice.