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Last Saturday we produced the inaugural Live from Jodrell Bank festival where music met science. Transmission 001 featured the mighty Flaming Lips and took place in the shadow of the towering Lovell Telescope in Cheshire.

The giant dish became an epic interstellar projection screen and the backdrop to a unique performance by the cult band. Included in the supporting bill were British Sea Power and Alice Gold. Perhaps because of the current popular fascination with science the event completely sold out in 11 days back in March.

This was a test Transmission that ensures six 5000+ capacity events will take place in 2012. The dish has been probing deep space for over 50 years in search of alien life with a constant signal to deep space. We are now on the lookout for a partner who has communications at the heart of their brand.

A video of this amazing event can be found at the following link…