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How to bring science to arena sponsorship


Some household brands have fallen on their swords by buying sponsorship deals with no guidance on to how to use the space creatively and leverage insights on fan behaviour. It’s no big surprise they have failed to see the lucrative return on investment they’d been promised from arena fans. We only work with sports and music fans, so through in depth experience and research, we know fans behave quite differently from the ordinary consumer and will only cooperate when brands enhance their fandom rather than distract from it. We are proving there is an art to speaking to fans on their home turf.

There is no need for brands to abandon these prime engagement locations; sponsorship and partnership success comes down to understanding the nuances and individual differences of each fan base and their behaviour in their unique habitats. Our planning and insight department - Fanatic, bring science and rigour to the arena with extensive and continuous research into fans, sites and multiple stakeholders. There is no one size fits all approach to partnerships and sponsorship deals but we can apply a little science to guarantee maximum return on investment.

We are continuously analysing industry activity in these unique, challenging and changing environments to determine who is using space and technology to greatest effect, with this knowledge we can take a practical view of what works and what doesn’t and help brands avoid the pitfalls of over promising. To learn more about how we have already helped brands understand their sponsorship and partnership deals, why don't you give us a call or come in for a chat?

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