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Fanatic Live 003: Football & Fashion


Our planning and insight team 'Fanatic' are constantly looking for new ways to understand fans and how to mobilise them. Our latest exploration took a left field perspective from author, film maker and ex hooligan Cass Pennant who was the special guest speaker at FANATIC 003 at the National Football Museum last night.  

Cass was interviewed by journalist Michael Taylor in front of an audience of 150 fans. He talked about youth culture movements, the connections between football and music and gave some incredible insights on how apparel brands shaped terraces and 'Casual' culture. 

The interview was followed with an exclusive screening of Cass’s film; 'Casuals', which charts the history of this unique youth phenomenon which fused football, fashion and violence. Cass was able to offer a unique perspective as major face in West Ham's notorious Inter City Firm in the eighties. His role has been immortalised in books and the film 'Cass', starring Nonso Anozie.

Cass said: “It was great to be invited to be a part of Ear to the Ground’s FANATIC LIVE series. It was an opportunity to chat about football, fashion and fans; the origins of the Casual movement and how it continues to make a noise in youth culture today.”

FANATIC LIVE 003 is the third in the Ear to the Ground Fanatic series which looks at the development and understanding of fan culture in the world of sport and music.