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We were called in a few weeks ago to inject some excitement into the annual sales conference for fashion label Bench. The aim was to motivate the international sales team and help showcase next seasons range in a way that would smash previous events. The additional aim was to help build a more compelling brand story that could be retold to agents, retailers and consumers around the world.
Last night the whole conference reached its climatic finale event in breathtaking style. The ingredients included a monastery, cutting edge 3D technology and a globally recognised music producer wowing the assembled audience.   
Guests were picked up from Bench HQ with no idea of their final destination. Ten minutes later they were pulling into the epic backdrop of Gorton Monastery’s with its courtyard being customized live by the UK’s leading street artist to communicate the brand’s “The Art of the Street” concept.
As part of our creative event production support we produced some incredible lighting effects to really add drama as guests moved into the main space.

The core part of the show was the electrically charged catwalk which was the focal point for the new apparel. We designed and choreographed a fast paced show that incorporated contemporary dance, a spectacular light show and 3D visuals taking the audience to another level.  
Just when the audience thought the tempo would slow, three giant screens dropped to reveal a saintly Calvin Harris presiding over turntables at the altar. The music exploded and the audience danced alongside models into the night with the 3D madness as a backdrop. It was great fun bringing some of our rock and roll experience to add a new dimension of excitement to this ambitious fashion brand.

“I think everyone is probably in shock; they thought they were coming to a very formal conference and ended up with one hell of an experience. I don’t know how the company is going to follow this as it has been; it’s been such good fun” Kay Twine, Managing Director BENCH UK