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2009 was without doubt the year Snowbombing went global and as ever Ear to the Ground was on hand making sure that that Europe’s leading sport and music festival ran as smoothly as Shane White on a beginners slope.

Over the last decade Snowbombing has evolved from a cool but niche event for underground music fans to a global brand. It now annually attracts thousands of party people to the Austrian Alps for a week of skiing, snowboarding, live music, clubbing and general partying.

Logistically too it has evolved. From a couple of club nights after a day on the piste, Snowbombing has quickly become a recognized destination festival attracting many of the world’s biggest brands (X-Box 360, Microsoft, Smirnoff) and some of the world’s most popular and cutting edge live bands and DJs all eager to be showcased creatively and professionally.

Acts as diverse as Dizzee Rascal, Ladyhawke, Biffy Clyro, Reverend & the Makers and the legendary Grandmaster Flash jostled to take the crown of the Event of the festival all realised by Ear to the Ground’s crack production team. Meanwhile some of the UK’s most respected club nights (Bugged Out!, Back to Basics, Black Rabbit) raved deep into the night in venues adapted by the team often from the barest of venues.

Anyone that’s even been to a festival knows that alongside the entertainment it’s the location that makes an event special. Snowbombing is no exception. Snowbound exteriors and adapted venues have provided interesting challenges that mark Ear to the Ground’s production work out as both innovative and resourceful. Some of this comes out of creativity, some out of necessity.

A club in a remote 200 year old barn. A huge live purpose-built open-air venue in the middle of a forest. A tiny Alpine night club with a killer sound system. A full-blown stage set on the side of a glacial mountain. These are just some of the locations that Ear to the Ground has had to create and work with to make sure that this year’s event went off without so much as a hitch.

And the press agreed. Blanket coverage of Snowbombing from the tabloids and style mags right through to the national broadsheets reported that Snowbombing has now become one of Europe’s most exciting outdoor events immaculately and professionally conceived and run.

Fresh challenges no doubt lie ahead as Snowbombing enters its second decade at the cutting edge of music and sports culture.

We’re looking forward to meeting those challenges head on.