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As most people look forward to a happy new year we can look forward to a happy NEW decade. We are now moving into our tenth year since founders Steve Smith & Jon Drape turned a hobby into a fledgling agency. That agency is now flying with over 40 full time staff producing some of the most exciting work on the planet for clients including Samsung, Bentley and Manchester City.  January 1st sees the agency ‘Bring on the New’ with the launch of a NEW vision, NEW website, NEW team, NEW office and NEW operation in Brazil.   

Way back in 2003 Jon and Steve decided to consolidate their various projects with an agency fully in tune with contemporary culture. A decade later the agency has developed its commitment to listening to fans and understanding what moves them. There have been a few entrepreneurial detours, a burnt down office and lot of special moments along the way but Ear to the Ground is now completely focused on the sole purpose of connecting brands with sport and music fans. It’s what we are good at…
So we are going to build on our expertise in the areas of sponsorship activation and asset creation to use our digitally driven approach to put fans at the heart of campaigns. As well as a new digital team we’ve worked really hard to launch ‘Fanatic’ our strategic research and insight department that adds a planning rigour and evaluation to our exciting content. The team are also producing a series of events called ‘Fanatic Live’ with thought provoking discussions with academics and cultural commentators  about what it means to be a fan and how we can connect with them even more effectively.  

Ten years ago we started in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and the spirit of an irreverent Mancunia still beats strong in our hearts. As well as our Northern HQ getting a re-fit last month we have moved into the action with a new London office on the fringes of Soho opposite Leicester Square. If that’s not enough we have also just won our first client in Brazil and have recently set up a base in Rio de Janiero. If you pass by any of our places please drop in for a tea/ale/cacacha and say hello/oi.  

We’ve come a long, long way and we would like to thank everyone who has helped us get this far. We will be celebrating our tenth birthday in May. We’d love to see you there. Welcome to the NEW…

Ear to the Ground… We connect brands with sport and music fans.