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At Ear to the Ground we love nothing more than coming up with ideas that create great word of mouth for our clients. A perfect example was in September where Ear to the Ground launched the definitive CoolBrands publication for client independent brand arbiter, Superbrands.  Ear to the Ground’s winning pitch concept was a innovative metaphor for the relationship between brands and consumers. A thirty metre long wall made up of a hundred glass boxes was filled by the hundred coolest brands including Blackberry, O2, Topshop and Diesel.  The consumers were represented by real live ferrets (yes, that’s ferrets) who were able to navigate their way around the installation interacting with the brands. The ferrets had been preparing for the event for three months in North Wales with the animal trainer responsible for the squirrels in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the owl in Harry Potter.  Ear to the Ground developed and managed all parts of the event including booking cutting edge music artists (including the Bestival Festival) to venue sourcing, AV production, stewarding, security and management of the UK’s coolest brands.