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A touch of elegance was in the air at Ear to the Ground last week, when we took a bucket load of Christmas cheer to Selfridges on behalf of luxury jewellery retailer, Tiffany & Co.  To counteract predictions of challenging retail conditions on the High Street, and to create cut through in the busy department store, Ear to the Ground worked with Tiffany?s to create a unique in-store retail activation.

The company’s Selfridges concession tasked us with driving footfall and increasing dwell time during the crucial Christmas shopping period, which unfortunately directly coincided with a period of disruptive in-store redevelopment and a relocation of the concession.

With a clear mission to stop shoppers in their tracks, last Saturday we hit Selfridges with a simple but attention grabbing Christmas at Tiffany’s experience that was as classic and elegant as the infamous brand itself.  The event saw a fabulous gospel choir, dressed in Hepburn style Tiffany scarves entertain and attract shoppers, branded cookies distributed and the tills ringing faster than any other day that year.

Tiffany & Co saw a significant increase in sales year on year and an uplift in visitor numbers to the concession.  Laura Mullin, Tiffany Concession Manager commented: “The choir were a fantastic representation.  I was their biggest fan!  Selfridges’ management equally loved it, they were very happy with the way the day went.”