Village Opticians


To get celebrity music festival fans endorsing the Guess sunglasses range to drive advocacy and media.  


We created the “Village Opticians” in partnership with V Festival. The activation was an immersive brand piece that took place in the heart of the VIP backstage area. It was an innovative way of getting access to celebs and seeding them with product in an environment where we knew they would endorse and wear it. All influencers were photographed and interviewed generating positive quotes about the product range with all content being distributed to media.


The festival environment put celebs in a very receptive mood towards the product and sentiment was unanimously positive. Media built up before during and after the V weekend with online magazines discussing which famous faces were due to make an appearance, to national newspapers running festival headliner interviews with accompanying photographs of the interviewees stood within the Guess Village Opticians stand and with the guests.

The Guess Village Opticians at V Festival succeed in getting product into the hands and onto some of the most photographed faces in the country.